Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Love freezer paper!

 I had never heard of freezer paper until last week when I saw it used on "For the love of Minis " blog ....Im hooked the posibilities are endless!After testing this out on a full sheet of pattern I looked through some of my art books and found some images to make cushions :)
 2 completed tiny cushions.
While I was playing with my computer I sneezed fortuitous ....I looked at the tissues and thought ...Im sure I could here is my miniature tissue box :) I hope everyone has a wonderful day :) Happy mini ing !


  1. Wow that stuff is amazing - might invest eventually ;-) LOL at the sneeze produce.. the tissue box is perfect :) Nice work yet again xxx

  2. Bless you!!! Fantastic cushions and tissue box( for all your little sneezes). Where do you buy the freezer paper, I would love to have a go too?

    1. I got it on ebay, It is sold in patchwork /quilting shops either as sheets or on a roll :)

  3. Wonderful results. I'd like to try out this freezer paper but am afraid that my printer that gets jammed up even with regular paper sheets will not be capable of receiving it.