Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trying to get things finished

 The above two pics area kit I bought ages ago and I just got around to finishing it .I changed things a little making a padded base for the chair.
 This is sideways :/ but anyway you get the idea....I bought myself some magnetic clips and put unfinished things in palastic bags then put them on the front of my locker....this way when I go in there to do something Im reminded to finish what I start...well the chair and quilting frame were the first bag to go :)
 LOL superglued my fingers together on this ...then split the glued seams while attemping to lace it....this goes down as a learning experience . I dont like glued seams ;) Oh well another bag gone ...but this time to the bin LOL.
 I bought this book a while ago ....not to knit the patterns ......
 but to adapt them to sewing ....
 all of the patterns have clear diagrams with measurements ,so
 I used these to make a pattern
and attempted a blazer....ok this is mark 1 and the pattern needs some work ...but it will get there ...again not happy with gluing so the needle and thread is out again...lets hope I continue to finish what I start ;)


  1. Love the magnet idea for unfinished projects! Brilliant!! Great job on the tapestry too - those pieces look perfect! Hmmm.. never thought to use knitting patterns as sewing patterns - you come up with the most useful ideas :)

    I'd better get back to finding things :/ Keep up the good work, it's keeping me inspired ;-) xxx

  2. You certainly have been busy Kez. I love your idea of turning knitting patterns into sewing patterns. Have you ever tried silk ribbons for miniatures? I always use them because they are smaller size and softer so will do what you want them to do. Also,if you want to sew instead of gluing ( I get it everywhere too)you might like to try using invisible thread, at least you won't see the stitches. Take care, Vicki.

    1. thanks Vicki,yes I have silk ribbon but didnt have the colour I wanted lol so attempted with some other and its not anywhere near as good. The invisible thread is that the clear nylon that looks like ultra thin fishing line?

    2. Yes it is Kez. You can buy it in light or dark depending on what fabric you want to sew. It's a bit different to ordinary thread to use but it's not as easily seen either!

    3. Thanks Vicki :) I will head to the shop in the morning and get a light and a dark :)

  3. I love your magnet idea for unfinished projects. I've done something similar in my kitchen on our cork board for other small household items that pile up (tickets from the movie store, Campbell's Soup labels, Box Tops for Education, etc.) but for some reason hadn't made the leap to doing this for my small unfinished projects... Thank you for the inspiration!