Thursday, February 9, 2012

using my test print

 In my last post you can see the sheet of test print I did on the freezer it is on a HOM kit I picked up for $2. I like it so much better than the blue that was in the box.
more detail of the tissue boxes hopefully you can see that I even put the plastic in the top where the tissues come out. And a shot of the bottom.


  1. The chair.. love it! SO much nicer than the blue they give in the kits - looks like freezer paper is the go! Looks like tapestry :))
    Nice one on the tissue box too - couldn't believe you'd actually put the plastic bits in - so much patience!
    Love your work :) xx

  2. This looks very impressive testing procedure.

    Best tests

  3. That Kleenex box is awesome--great job! :-) Jennifer