Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jelly,Jewelry and an update on Dad.

 Ok heres Dads first attempts at using airdry clay :)
 As you can see they are 1/24th scale miners .....amazing job I think. I cant wait to see them painted .
 My fisrt attempt at using 2 part resin ...quite happy with the results and its a lot less complicated than I expected it to be .
 Attempts at translating jewelry making to a smaller scale....things have to be simplified a lot .

 another pic of the jelly ....ha ha bloggers at it again mixing up my pictures.

 Here I used "triple thick" on a you can see the ink ran, but the strap is looking quite effective.
 The start of a bangle.
 I used an empty pill pop out to make the ring box.
This is my attempt at making a template .....the squares are 1cm .....dotted lines = fold , solid lines = cut .


  1. Your father's creative abilities are impressive. I look forward to seeing them painted. Thank you for your template. I will try and make one.
    What is it that makes resin so difficult to work with.?

    1. Thanks Wyrna , I thought I had replied to this but its dissappeared ...again.
      I was told resin was hard to measure acurately the 2 parts. I solved this in small scale by using syringes to measure the components.

  2. Oooh the jewellery is SOO adorable!! Amazing work yet again! Love your dad's miners work too - A LOT of talent in your family!! Can't wait to see them painted.. and also excited to see your jewellery on display in the 'room' you are obviously creating :)
    Always love your posts! xxxx

    1. Remember the shop I bought at the MET show in Hobart....well it looks like it may be a jewelers

  3. Hello Kez,
    You both did wonderfulw ork. The miners and the jewelry are just lovely.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac,
      My jewelry is a little different than most ...its designed to actually be wearable ....not just glued to a stand ...and Its my style which may not be to everyones liking but it is origional :)