Friday, March 29, 2013

Zip a de doo da

 Some tiny shells I collected ...the lighter is there to show you how small these are . I collected shell grit at the turn of the tide ,then sifted through it looking for shells :)
 Zipper 1 on a pencil case . Its made from a piece of ribbon, braid and a jewelry finding :)
 A sports bag .
 These are the zippers Im very pleased with :)
heres what I made them from ....wire edged ribbon ( I cut the silver bit from the side) added bonus to this is you can cut off the outer edge and uncover some very fine wire :) I then trimmed the silver section back to the size I wanted , glued it to ribbon and added a finding :)


  1. Zippers!! You are a genius!!! We're the shells from the local beach? Omg sooooo tiny! Once again awesome work all round :) xxx

    1. The shells came from the beach near your parents weekender ;) Thanks

  2. How brilliant creating these zippers! I love the shels!
    Hugs, Drora